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Felix & Paul Studios co-founders Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël directed the filming from the Canadian Space Centre. The camera was mounted and powered by the Nanoracks’ Kaber MicroSatellite Deployer and maneuvered by The ROBO team at NASA and the Canadian Space Agency who were responsible for moving Canadarm2 to capture the shots. In parallel, TIME Studios documented the filming operations as part of a making-of documentary they are producing on Space Explorers: The ISS Experience. The entire spacewalk was planned to happen over seven orbits, during which the crew experienced seven sunrises. Unfolded 360° still, produced from the 3D 360° VR source footage. View of the International Space Station, from a forward position, with a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft docked to Node2. The Outer Space Camera has already been capturing footage ahead of the spacewalk. With 16 sunrises that can be seen every 24 hours from the ISS (which travels at 17,100 miles per hour), this footage will be integrated into the series as well. The Outer Space Camera is made for a literal out-of-this-world environment. The Outer Space Camera inside the International Space Station, ahead of the spacewalk Lajeunesse explains that the camera “is constantly exposed to extreme temperature variations.” External temperatures range from -250° F to +250° F.  “No atmosphere means radiation…sun heat recommended site and deep space cold…microgravity [means] no dissipation of heat which is challenging when you are cramming together not one camera but multiple high res sensors, so we had to develop a heat dissipation system. We had to develop a way to manage light exposure and minimize flares.


When it doesn't, he ignores it. He is baseball's dugout mystic, and everything he sees is as real to him as it is invisible to the rest of us. "I'm a person who believes in miracles," he said. "I really believe in miracles. I've had a few of them happen to me. Some health issues, some fast cars I don't know how I got out of without having an accident. There have been a number of issues in my life that let me know there's somebody above helping us." He survived prostate cancer while managing the Giants in 2001 and suffered a stroke while managing the Reds in 2012, and the try what he says fast cars -- well, we'll have to take him at his word on that one. But along with the miracles come the trials, and winning the World Series has become Baker's 40 days in the desert.