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We finally seeing a dim light at the end of the tunnel.” Trombley said that they tried to hire, but it doesn’t always work out. “We had multiple people set up interviews, even come in and get hired and just not show up for the first day of work,” said Trombley. While that can be discouraging, there has been an influx in applications. “Most of the people that have applied have been teenagers,” said Trombley. “I’m not sure if the end of sports season kind of help, we saw an influx over the past month with people applying. But it’s just a lot of kids which is nice.” The business will be reopening on Saturdays and Sundays starting this weekend. Community by Fuel up Fresh is still hiring. Those who are interested can go to their website to apply .

This year, Black Friday officially starts on 26 November, but it’s worth noting the offers tend to roll in before that, so don’t hang about. For even more gadget deals, there’s also Cyber Monday to think about. It tends to focus on online deals and starts on the following Monday, so this year it’s on 29 November. Are there any pre-Black Friday deals on offer? Can’t wait for the big day? Well there’s plenty of gadget deals around, here are a few of our favourites. This combo deal has a massive reduction of 51%. A good starter pack if you want to create a my review here smart home environment, in this package you’ll receive a Ring video doorbell and a 3rd generation, charcoal grey Echo Dot.  With this deal, you can view your visitors through a video stream on your phone and receive notifications through your Alexa device when the motion sensor detects activity at your doorway. You can even keep an eye on evening activity thanks to the high definition night vision feature, and you can also make use of the two-way talk feature.  Best video doorbells: 8 smart doorbells to keep your home safe Get 21% off this portable film projector from Nebula.

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